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American Dream
TSA - The Standard Assault
Released: Jun 20, 2012
Track Listing
1 American Dream

Liner Notes

Over the summer, you’ll begin to decide who will get your vote for President of the United States of America.



Let us be your soundtrack.



This is our single…

This is your song…

This is American Dream…



Election Day 2012 ...

Our Debut CD …

D o m I n a t I o n   T h e o r y


God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You
Kingston Times
In this week's KINGSTON AFTER DARK for Kingston Times I remember Rick Alexander along with Painmask singer Jay Avery. Also talk to Pete Stott of The Standard Assault about their upcoming Jeff Hanneman memorial show with SHOW NO MERCY (Tribute To Slayer). On stands now! The paper ran a great color pic of Rick on the front page. Show support and pick up a copy! "Kingston's reigning thrash mutants The Standard Assault..." "Pete Stott is TSA's venom-spitting frontman..."
TSA with Ross the Boss
Crusher Magazine
The Standard Assault, a Kingston based thrash band with a howling, towering front man Pete Stott, also shook the halls of The Basement late that night. “Very excited to be here with Ross The Boss. It was a very cool last minute addition,” Stott told me that night. [Read More...]
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